moon jellyfish floating in water
Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on

Black and Blue.

moon jellyfish floating in water


If there was, no black
there won’t be, a white
we won’t know, the day
if there is not, a night.

As there is, the dark
so there is, the light
As there is, the low
so there is, the high

Over the years we humans have
used black as a symbol of darkness,
and death but I Think that…..

The colour is, beautiful
the colour is, no less
what we actually, lack
is knowledge of, “The black”.



The blue, colour of the sea
Blue means harmony

The blue colour of sky
Blue is to hope high

The Blue is faithfulness
Blue gives you confidence

The colour of art is blue
Blue is life, blue is true

Blue is in me; Blue is in you!

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