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swing, rock, children's playground-4636519.jpg


The stories, grandpa used to tell us
Kings, queens, with all sorts of characters
The stories, that only I, could remember
From all of the listening members
So when he wasn’t in the mood
I was the storytelling dude😎

Drawing was my thing, As a child
A lady, a peacock, and sometimes
A deer in the wild
Those were the things, I used to draw
Just couldn’t remember
The day, when I withdraw.



Laying on the bed, nothing to do, but rest
Suddenly old memories popped up in my head
some nice, some bad, some happy, Some sad,
Some incidents that, I can’t forget

The first memory that I could recall
Was, registered for once and all,
When uncle was teaching me to write
When as a kid, I wasn’t so bright,

When my failures, made him bored
By the hair, he got my hold
and with the pain, I roared
When……. “my head hit the floor”!

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