SHE…A narrative poem

There she was standing kinda lost

someone would help her, she hoped

a young soul seemed new to the place

having that innocent look on her face,

A boy who barely talked to the strangers

noticed and went ahead, to help her

What compelled him to do so?

Maybe the same situation, he faced years ago

“May I help you?” he asked her

She replied “AA…I need a computer”

He fixed one, to her desk

And that is how they met

the story is not what you expect

it is more what he percept

love story? not at all

she was never involved

she was a dream to him

like a hope beam to him

he saw affinity in her eyes

or maybe she was just being nice

And the years passed by

he wanted to say but never tried

forever it stayed in his heart

And they stayed ever apart

he wishes to meet her again

just with an intent to explain

That he is sorry if he ever hurt her

That he is sorry if he ever disturbs her

That he wishes to be a true friend

And this is where the story ends!

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