About me

My name is Kamendra Chauhan, I am an amateur writer, I like to write poetry and stories. Since I am a big fan of movies I also write movie reviews.

I feel, written words are always more powerful than the spoken ones, and that’s what inspires me to write. People who are not good at communicating when it comes to talking can convey their message, their opinion, and thoughts through writing and can create an impact and bring change in the world.

writing is the most powerful tool that anyone can use to express their feelings and emotions, whether in the form of poetry or stories.

for me writing is one thing, I don’t need to force myself to do ! everyone says “find something that you are interested in and make it your passion and turn that passion into the profession”. I think writing is that one thing for me, this is something I didn’t learn from anywhere or anyone I just know it and genuinely aspire to become better.

Please Go to Poem and Storie’s page to read and feel free to share your opinion, critics: positive or negative in the comment section.

You can share your writings as well and get published on my website with your name and you don’t have to be a professional writer. for my Email address go to the contact page.

You can also check out my Facebook page “Casual Thoughts” and Instagram handles “casualpoetry_by_kc”.

Welcome to Casual Poetry!

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