Ship of Theseus,

Released in 2012, Directed by Anand gandhi.

Tittle: Though to understand the movie you really don’t need to understand that what tittle means but just for the curious minds out there let me give you an Idea that what it actually means. Theseus, A mythological king regarded as a hero of Athenian history supposedly sailed a ship to return home after a great war. The same ship was kept in a museum and after a century later all its parts were replaced, so the scholars of that time debated that if still it remains the same ship of theseus. very wisely Director has used this story and a “thought experiment” to create a masterpiece.

Summary: if I summarize it in one or two lines, it’s about the life of a photographer, a monk and a stockbroker, all three in different situations and surroundings but connected. if I give away more it will be a spoiler review which I never prefer to write.

Direction : Only, full feature film directed by Anand gandhi, and no doubt it’s a masterpiece, I will talk about some things that I really loved about the movie and share my interpretation and opinion. Interpretation , yes it’s that kind of a film where maker presents you the thought provoking ideas and questions and put in their opinion and thoughts a bit here and there in the conversations and dialogues but doesn’t really give you the answers and the solutions, they leave it to your interpretation that how you want to perceive it. because the topics which Mr Gandhi (Director) is trying to explore throughout the movie, can never have a simple and sorted conclusion. Below are some things which i liked most about the movie which are very creatively and beautifully done

  1. Using a very complex idea and forming an easy to understand, and a very simple story is something I always like, the way director fits in the subject which intellectuals have been debating for years, into a story of ordinary people is really amazing.
  2. Second thing I liked is the way they have done the screenplay, one story after another so you keep wondering throughout the movie if this is the film all about , three different people , three different stories. Protagonists struggling in their lives in their own ways…. or they are connected somehow.
  3. Third thing is Cinematography, there are some really beautiful shots, My favorite one is where the monk is standing in a window and the sunlight is coming through…..I loved it.
  4. Acting, well the actors are really amazing, performances are very natural. And this is something I personally feel ,I don’t know if anybody would agree, but some movies have such a great concept, story that everything else falls in place beautifully for example “Ship of theseus”and some have just working story but the performances really breaks the record and actors just shine, for example ” The Joker”.

Final Thoughts: The people who like to explore new stories, ideas and concepts, I would highly recommend you this movie. you will definitely take away something from this piece of art. and to “quick entertainment” cinema viewers : A fair warning you will have to be very patient.

And yes there is a surprise in the end which is very crucial to make the movie, what it is!

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