Empty souls!

who is wrong,
who is right?
who is to tell,
who is to find?

who is devil,
who is devine?
How to judge,
How to define?

How do I adjoin
to become whole ?
when all I see is,
smoky faces, empty souls!

Your Eyes!

I look into your eyes
to evidence, my existence

But in the end
I get lost, in them.

Selfishly civilized

Civilized, we pretend to be
But only “I”, we tend to see
Divide, discriminate, classify,
All we did, throughout the history

Let go hate to become free
Live your life with the spree
Love, empathize and live in unity

Or else……

“Selfishly civilized”, all we will be!

My Dream

Come hold my hand
let me take you to my dream,
in the village, a small hut,
you, me and the breeze.

gradually flowing river
A melody of a bird’s tweet,
your head on my shoulder,
me, comprised in you deep.

The gentle touch of my hand
a warm kiss on your cheek,
You, sleeping, quit like a baby
I am listening, to your breathe,

Come hold my hand
let me take you to my dream,
in the village, a small hut,
you, me, and the breeze!

“A blank face”

Returning from work to home
She looks like a tree after storm,
He, hooked up to his phone
Seems like a statue of stone,

Like everyone is running
In a never ending race,
Like everything is lost
In that miserable place,

No smile, no tear
No courage, no fear
Not even a dream to chase
All they have is just

“A blank face 😐”

Unsatisfied !

Sometimes I feel
there is a lot in me
And I am not able to express,

Sometime I feel
I don’t know nothing
And I am blank or know very less,

Then I think
Why am I thinking all of this?
Does it mean something
Or all this is just rubbish?

Why the hell
I am going into deep?
I should stop thinking
and go to sleep,

Is thinking that much right ?
It’s already 2:30 in the night,
This happens a lot with me
Am I crazy ? or just somehow “unsatisfied”!

SHE…A narrative poem

There she was standing kinda lost
someone would help her, she hoped
a young soul seemed new to the place
having that innocent look on her face

A boy who barely talked to stranger
noticed and went ahead, to help her
What compelled him to do so?
May be same situation, he faced years ago

“May I help you?” he asked her
She replied “AA..I need a computer”
He fixed one, to her desk
And that’s how they met

story is not what you expect
it’s more what he percept
love story ? not at all
she was never involved

she was a dream to him
like a hope beam to him
he saw affinity in her eyes
or may be she was just being nice

And the years passed by
he wanted to say but never tried
forever it stayed in his heart
And they stayed ever apart

he wish to meet her again
just with an intent to explain
That he is sorry, if he ever hurt her
That he is sorry, if he ever disturb her
That he wish to be a true friend
And this is where, the story end.

The Truth!

You speak only truth, is your lie
Truth is, you let your kindness die
You spoke harsh, in the name of truth
And did bad, for the sake of your own good,

Be careful what you say to other
And if you hear same and suffer
You for sure not doing great
You are just another hypocrite

If the truth, only you wish
You or them, don’t distinguish
Sharing your opinion is fine
Just remember to be even not divine

Even if you are right, you have no right
To criticize or judge other
The bad you do to them
Remember, the same you will suffer.

Kindness is the best way
Whatever you have to say
Speak, as it’s for you
That’s what it takes, to be true.

Accept your mistakes and don’t repeat
Want respect? Then you also greet.
Behave, as it’s for you
That’s what it takes, to be true
Yes that’s what it takes, to be true!


The stories, grandpa used to tell us
Kings, queens, with all sort of characters
The stories, that only I, could remember
From all of the listening members
So when he wasn’t in the mood
I was the storytelling dude😎

Drawing, was my thing, As a child
A lady, a peacock, and sometimes
A deer in the wild
Those were the things, I used to draw
Just couldn’t remember
The day, when I withdraw.

Laying down on the bed, nothing to do, but rest
Suddenly old memories popped up in my head
some nice, some bad, some happy, Some sad,
Some incidents that, I can’t forget

The first memory that I could recall
Was, registered for once and all
When my uncle teaching me to write
When as a kid, I wasn’t so bright

When my failures, made him bored
By the hair, he got my hold
with the pain, I roared
When “my head hit the floor”!



If there was, no black
there won’t be, a white
we won’t know, the day
if there is not, a night.

As there is, the dark
so there is, the light
As there is, the low
so there is, the high

Over the years we humans have
used black as a symbol of darkness,
and death but I Think that…..

The color is, beautiful
the color is, no less
what we actually, lack
is knowledge of, “The black”.


The blue, color of the sea
Blue means harmony

The blue color of sky
Blue is to hope high

The Blue is faithfulness
Blue gives you confidence

The color of art is blue
Blue is life, blue is true

Blue is in me, Blue is in you!

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